How to Quickly Delete History on Android Phone

It’s pretty easy to delete internet history and clear temporary files on your computer with CCleaner installed.

It doesn’t work on an Android phone though.

On your Android phone, there are plenty of things that you might want to delete – your call history, browsing history, search history, market search history, Youtube search history and a myriad other things. It’s more cumbersome to clear all this in Android because it involves a lot of screen tapping.

Enter HistoryEraser. It’s a saviour. Click this Appbrain link and install the app on your phone right now. Or use the QR code below:

HistoryEraser Android App QR Code


Once you launch the History Eraser application, you will see big icons that serve specific functions:

History Eraser Android App

Clicking on the Call Log icon will bring up a screen that will let you delete

  • all your call history
  • only your incoming + missed call history
  • all your outgoing call history

By clicking on Contacts, you can instantly delete all frequently called contacts (Favourites).

Clicking on Standard Browser can help you delete your internet browsing history at the click of a button. Imagine doing this on your Android browser itself.  You need to hit the menu button on your phone, tap ‘More’, tap ‘History’, press the menu button again, tap ‘Clear History’. That’s a bunch of finger taps saved with the HistoryEraser app!

History Eraser Android App

Clicking on the Google Apps icon can help you clear your Market search, Google Maps and Youtube search history.

History Eraser Android App

Whereas the former two can be cleared in a single tap, to delete Youtube search history, you’ll be taken to the Youtube app’s settings page where you can hit the Clear button. This is our only gripe with the application – but perhaps it is the Youtube app’s architecture that has to be blamed for this.

When you’re done, click the Close Window button to exit HistoryEraser.

This is by far the best way to clear your traces and protect your privacy on Android. There isn’t an app or a way to do this better and faster as far as we’ve researched. If you know any quicker way to delete history in Android apps, please let us know in the comments!

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