How to Delete Facebook Account Quickly

There was, once upon a time, a world were people’s thoughts were private and nobody knew what the neighbor was
doing at parties. Those happy times are gone. Facebook have stolen the right of people to have private lives.

We specially design a simple tool. This tool is also great, if you are afraid that facebook will close your account because of SPAMMING, so backup your SPAM-Account now!

just two clicks and you’re done/gone ;-)

Download your Facebook information

1. Click Below to download all your Facebook Data

facebook download album
you can download and backup your friends, wall postings, albums and much more

Delete your Facebook account forever!

2. DELETE your FB-account permanently here

Delete Facebook account
you will be asked before you can delete your Facebook account

Once you click on Delete your Facebook account button. New windows will open and say “Delete My Account” then click on Blue Delete My Account button.

How to Delete Facebook Account

 Enter your password and security check text and press Okay.

How to Delete Facebook Account

 You will see a message “Your account has been deactivated form the site….”

How to Delete Facebook Account

Note : If you change your mind within 14 days simply login to your facebook account and just press CANCEL DELETION.

How to Delete Facebook Account

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