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Published: 2 years ago

How to delete all Yahoo messages from inbox

If I would define “INBOX” in simple language it is definitely something like “ full of information in form of emails including needed ones along with some advertisements or I would say unimportant emails which we can see once and would like delete it rather than to save.” But it is more time consuming activity to delete unwanted emails from each page of inbox.  As a solution I recommend one of my techniques which will help you to delete all your emails in just one click.

Here I can share technique “How to delete all messages from inbox?”


You can delete them all at once but, ONLY if you’re using the new version of Yahoo Mail (Beta version).


1) Loin to your yahoo mail and upper left corner click Option and select Mail Option

2) Select General and check the button that says “In a scrolling list (show Preview Pane) option.

3)  Then select on OPTION tab and click on “X”

4) Message will appears “Do you want to save changes?” Press OK

5) A Change Message Setting Window will appear then Press OK.

6) Go to your mail box and select your message and click on Delete.

7) “Delete All Message” Popup appears and press OK.


 If you’re using the Classic version you can only do a page at a time, but you can assign more mail to a page.


1) Loin to your yahoo mail

 2) Select Option on upper right corner and click on Mail Option.

 3) Then Select option “Show 500 messages/results on each page” then click “save” change.

Now you can delete them page by page 500 at a whack.


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